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our Promise

Our commitment is to continue to work with humility, fairness and passion, to guarantee all those who buy from us a pair of tailor-made shoes that rock and a pleasant and carefree experience.

This is us

Filippo Carbonari

Filippo is the one who, in addition to taking care of customer service and taking photos, has been mistreating all the models on a daily basis for three years to see the comfort and durability of our beloved Frattesi.

Fratte Rosa

That place that we both call home and that, despite long wanderings around the world, finally won us over and inspired us to start this new adventure.

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Franco Cesarini

Franco Cesarini is the last descendant of a family of shoes that has been producing in Fratte Rosa since 1870. All Frattesi are cut, sewn, glued and boxed by his skilled hands and those of his disciples.

Linea Verde Rai1 - ottobre 2022

✨ Un Calzaturificio che opera dal 1870 e che fino a quel giorno non era mai apparso in televisione, nemmeno durante un servizio di quelle televisioni locali sfigate tipo FanoTV o TVRS che non ci hanno mai “cagato” nemmeno di striscio. Noi la figura di merda l’avremmo fatta su RAI1, di fronte a 3 milioni di Italiani. 😎