How can I pay for my order?


How can I also order the yellow laces?

For each pair of shoes purchased you will receive 2 pairs of laces , one yellow and one of the same color as the shoe you have chosen.


How does the return policy work?

It is possible to make a return with shipping to be paid by the customer if the shoes purchased are not of the correct size. We will then be able to make another pair that will fit well. No refunds will be issued unless there is a problem caused by us.

ATTENTION : if you have chosen to enter your initials, it will not be possible to make any returns.
See our complete policy


Is it possible to buy a standard shoe size without using the bespoke service?

No, all our shoes are made to measure, but rest assured, it will take 1 minute to measure your feet and to send us the measurements. Here are the instructions


After the purchase of a pair of Frattesi, will you keep my measurements on file for a future, possible order?

Of course! Your measurements will be saved in our database so, next time you decide to buy a pair of shoes from us, you won't have to repeat the foot measurement process, all you have to do tell us your name and surname 😜

Is there a winter and a summer season?

No, there are no collections according to the seasons, but you can see which are the optimal seasons for the use of each model of shoes by consulting the technical data sheet of each product.


Are all Frattesi unisex?

Yes, all models can be purchased by both men and women because we don't like discrimination too much.


Can I write my full name instead of initials?

For space reasons, it is possible to insert a maximum of 3 letters of your choice for half a pair. 


Is the men's model identical to the women's one?

The construction of the shoes is the same for both genders, the only difference is that the shoes intended for women will be made using a more tapered shape that better fits the foot of our female audience.


How long will it take you to produce the shoes?

Each model of Le Frattesi has different processing times, for this reason the processing times are indicated in the technical data sheet of each model.
In any case, the processing times are on average around 10 working days but, since the orders are grouped and carried out together, there will always be someone who will receive them a little in advance, others who will receive them on time and some alas that they will receive them a few days late.

Which courier do you use?

GLS with delivery in 24 h.

Is it possible to collect the shoes directly from the company?

Of course, in case you would like to visit Fratte Rosa, simply tick the "collection at the company" flag on the checkout page and you will not be charged for shipping costs. Also you will have the great luck to see how beautiful we are live.


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs amount to € 5 for each pair of shoes for the whole of Italy.

If I buy 2 pairs of shoes, does the shipping cost remain the same?

If you buy 2 pairs of shoes, the shipping costs will be a little bit more than 1 single pair, but much less than double. 


How do you measure the length of your feet?

To measure your feet follow the simple instructions below

Is it necessary to measure both feet?

Yes, because very often it happens that people have feet of different lengths, so having both measurements will allow us to make a pair of shoes that fit both feet perfectly. In some customers we have found considerable differences between the right and left foot.


How can I send my foot measurements?

In the product sheet there are 2 mandatory fields to fill in where you can enter the length of your feet in cm.


Can I come to the company to test the shoes directly on my feet?

Certainly yes, if you would like to visit us, just write us a message via whatsapp at +39 3792636674 to alert us of your arrival so we will make sure that someone is free and ready to welcome you.