Since all of our shoes are made to order, we can afford the luxury of making them all "made to measure" at no additional cost.
It is essential that the hiking shoes fit perfectly, so our advice is to spend 2 minutes to measure your feet and take advantage of this fantastic service. You will find all the instructions below.
If you have any doubts, write us on whatsapp! 🙏🏼

How to measure your feet 📐

1. Get a sheet

Take an A4 sheet of paper, align the short side to the wall and place your foot on top of the sheet.

2. Draw a small line

Make a mark on the longest part of your foot keeping the pencil perpendicular to the floor. If you have the second toe longer than the big toe, draw the mark at the height of the second toe.

3. Measure the lenght

Repeat for both feet if you have them.