The brand le Frattesi was born from the idea of two old friends, a craftsman whose family has been producing shoes in Fratte Rosa for 4 generations and a photographer with a degree in marketing who has been wearing those shoes basically since he was born.

The founding element of this union was sharing an opinion.

We didn't like the direction the world was taking. We did not like to see that the historical centre of our towns emptying and the big shopping centres, full of multinationals with nine-figure accounts full of people. We didn't like the fact that most of the stuff we buy is cheap and made not to last very long, so we decided to roll up our sleeves to try to improve things,  for what we could...



We started looking for suppliers from the Marche region to understand if there was the possibility of making a technical shoe, with ethical and quality materials, entirely in Fratte Rosa without having to sell it at an insane price.

Slowly we succeeded in this ambitious task and we are very proud of it.

Receiving the photo of a satisfied customer who, with Frattesi on his feet has just taken a walk in the mountains and is happy, repays us for all the sleepless nights we had over the years and honors all generations of people who have done this work before us.

We believe that succumbing to the logic of profit, of mass-produced products that we buy only to satisfy our insatiable desire for something new, not only represents a defeat for all those who in the past fought to pass on our traditions but it is also an immeasurable loss for all those generations that will come after us.